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Drains and Sinks Unblocked
We'll identify and remove all blockages from drains and sinks Drainage - Drains & Sinks
Drain Mapping & Tracing
If you need to know where the drains are and where they go to, this is the service you need. Drainage - Mapping
Full Colour CCTV Surveys
Whatever the problem, the most appropriate solution can be determined via CCTV Surveying Service Drainage - CCTV
Power Jetting
The most effective way to rid pipes of deposits is high pressure water jetting Drainage - Jetting
Root Removal
Roots can be cut from the drain using Root Cutting equipment powered by high pressure water Drainage - Root removal
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Septic Tanks
New septic tank systems installed. Maintenance and replacement of existing septic systems. New domestic treatment plants. Drainage - Root removal
Gutter Cleaning
Cleaning both ground and high level gutting. Abacus can clear any debris from your guttering and hard to reach surfaces.Drainage - Root removal
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Dip Pipes & H Pipes In Septic Tanks

Pipes joining the chambers within septic tank systems are designs to encourage the solid waste to separate. These pipes sit within the walls that divide each chamber from the next and prevent the floating solids. The upward flow of the water through these pipes also prevents sediment from travelling from one chamber to the next.

As an ideal way to isolate the solid waste while allowing free movement of water, these pipes are simple to construct and simply use standard plumbing bends and junctions. The bottom of the dip pipe should be deep enough to always sit below the level of the crust, but not so deep as to lie amongst the sediment at the bottom of the septic tank.

Unfortunately with older septic tanks. clay pipes were used. This material is both heavy and prone to breaking, especially during the tank being emptied. If the dip pipe is broken, it can serious affect how effective the septic tank is at separating solid waste from the clarified liquids. This is often the cause of clogs in the filter material or the soak away.

Baffle Walls In Septic Tanks

There are alternatives to dip pipes in brick built septic tanks. Separating the chambers by using baffle walls, where the dividing wall has gaps at the base. This allows water to passes freely at the bottom of the central wall. Solid waste can not pay through at this depth and because the water rises again before the outlet, sediment does not escape the tank.

This is a simple method to execute as it merely involves leaving deliverate gaps in the brickwork. It can work, and work well but it does require that care is taken with the tank, and that it is regularly emptied and maintained. Fairly to care for the septic tank using a baffle wall will results in the sediment that builds up at the base eventually clogging the baffles and blocking the entire system.

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