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Drains and Sinks Unblocked
We'll identify and remove all blockages from drains and sinks Drainage - Drains & Sinks
Drain Mapping & Tracing
If you need to know where the drains are and where they go to, this is the service you need. Drainage - Mapping
Full Colour CCTV Surveys
Whatever the problem, the most appropriate solution can be determined via CCTV Surveying Service Drainage - CCTV
Power Jetting
The most effective way to rid pipes of deposits is high pressure water jetting Drainage - Jetting
Root Removal
Roots can be cut from the drain using Root Cutting equipment powered by high pressure water Drainage - Root removal
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Septic Tanks
New septic tank systems installed. Maintenance and replacement of existing septic systems. New domestic treatment plants. Drainage - Root removal
Gutter Cleaning
Cleaning both ground and high level gutting. Abacus can clear any debris from your guttering and hard to reach surfaces.Drainage - Root removal
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Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

If your home has a water course nearby then you must be especially careful of the soak away from your septic tank. Anywhere that a local waterway is likely to be polluted by the soak away from a septic system you will need to install a proper domestic sewage treatment plant. Also, if there is insufficient space for you to install a soak-away for your septic tank system then a sewage treatment plant is necessary.

The difference is that domestic sewage treatment plants clean the effluence to a greater degree than simple septic tanks. By having a more effective means of dealing with the waste more thoroughly you can do away with the need for a buried soak-away as the necessary filtering by the soil is taken care of by the second stage of sewage treatment plant. If the waster is processed by a domestic sewage treatment plant, then the tank outlet can permissably discharge directly into a water course of some description, however the plant does need to fulfill certain requirements.

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Biotec 5-6 model

These plants typically include a compressor to deliver continuous air flow through the tank to encourage growth of bacteria. This means that a domestic sewage treatment plants the use of such systems also does away with the need for a filtration tank.

Existing Septic Tank Conversion To Sewage Treatment Plants

An existing septic tank system can be converted to a domestic sewage treatment plant. This will bring the tank into line with current environmental legislation, but is it often just as simple to replace the septic tank.

Abacus Drainage Services can offer professional advice over whether you are required to have a domestic sewage treatment plant installed rather than a septic plant. The regulations are quite clear, although they become somewhat technical in places. If you are in any doubt, talk to us before you are committed.

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